Our team has 20 years experience of professional medical writing and is AMWA certified, so we have seen it all. We can help you with white papers, blog posts, articles, peer-reviewed journal articles, and finding the right tone to convey medical information to various audiences (doctors, nurses, patients, school teachers, etc.) The Zeal Team also has experience writing hundreds of grants for a variety of medical conditions and educational initiatives. Need someone to find grants or sponsorships for your advocacy group? We can do that! Need someone to help you formulate your ideas using appropriate language for structured grants? We’re pros! No matter which part of the grant-writing process you need support in, we have you covered. 


Independent Medical Education Grants

Accredited medical education content is a great way to raise awareness about lesser known diseases. We have extensive experience writing successful medical education grants which has led to the success of CheckRare CME’s Continuing Medical Education Program.

Zoom Event: Pompe Empowerment Program (PEP) 2022

Webinars are a convenient way to connect patients but require funding, which can feel daunting. We can help you find and write grants to fund your next big project.