Our team has 20 years experience of professional medical writing and is AMWA certified, so we have seen it all. We can help you with white papers, blog posts, articles, peer-reviewed journal articles, and grants, all using the right tone for your audience. 


Your next meeting or conference is a great opportunity to interview physicians, researchers, patients, and caregivers. Interviewing physicians and industry professionals is a very cost effective way to add new content to your website and can be used to educate people unable to attend the meeting. The Zeal Access team is vastly experienced in the entire process and can help you film interviews and edit them into easily digestible clips, and/or write about any meeting presentation. 


Virtual hosting is here to stay! Let us help you behind-the-scenes with all things necessary for a successful webinar (e.g., translating the webinar, thumbnails, program descriptions, calendar events, sponsorship pages, etc.)


Do you need help generating regular content for your website? Our team can help you by creating content in the form of blog posts, articles, videos, disease education pages, and webinar material, all using the most appropriate tone for your specific audience. Furthermore, our team is experienced in SEO best practices, so we can get your website traffic numbers up, no problem.


The Zeal Access Team is a small but passionate team with over 15 years’ experience educating people about medical conditions. Now, the team wants to focus their experience on helping patient advocacy groups with their communications.

Brad is the Executive Director of the Canadian Association of Pompe and has served on its board for over five years. He also has vast experience in webinar hosting, grant writing, leading patient advocacy groups, and public speaking. 

James has a PhD in Pharmacology and over 20 years of experience as a medical and grant writer. He has worked with numerous advocacy groups, both large and small (CORD, Rare Disease Foundation, Global Genes, NORD, etc) as well as numerous funders (Takeda, Sanofi, Jazz, Ultragenyx, Alexion, Genentech, etc). 

Victoria has a BA in Psychology and Applied Ethics. She has extensive experience in grant writing, video editing, and medical communications. As the newest member of the Zeal Team, she is grateful for the opportunity to help patient advocacy groups.


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Cure SMA Canada

Canadian Association of Pompe

Rare Disease Foundation

Ontario Rett Syndrome Foundation

MPN Canadian Research Foundation

Lipodystrophy United

National Gaucher of Canada

Heart and Stroke Foundation

CheckRare CE

Biotech 5

PKU Canada

BioCentric Inc.