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Zeal Tips

One or Two Spaces Between Sentences?

When everybody typed on a typewriter, it was necessary to have two spaces between sentences to properly separate them. Today, modern word processing programs make it visually appealing to have just one space between sentences.

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Writing References

When writing an article or blog on the web about a new research or a change in policy, it is important that you cite the original source of material.

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How to Cite a Presentation at a Conference

It is important for advocacy groups, with their large following of people thirsty for information, to blog or write about those presentations whenever they can. So, the question is – how do you cite a presentation at a conference?

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How to Cite a Scientific Paper

When citing a scientific paper for your online article, it is best to spell out the journal’s entire name that published the scientific paper.  You may also want to italicize the name of the journal and include a hyperlink to the paper. It is best to have the hyperlink go directed to the journal or to pubmed.

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