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The Drug Approval Process

In this short webinar, James Radke provides an overview of the drug approval process in Canada: Health Canada, CADTH, PMPRB, INESSS, pCPA, and the proposed National Pharmacare program.

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The Drug Review Process in Canada

Anyone who has participated in the Canadian healthcare system understands that it is complicated. And like many endeavours, the more government agencies involved, the more complicated (and convoluted) it seems to get. The same is true for the approval and disbursement of new medicines.

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Rare Disease Day in Canada

Rare Disease Day is the day that countries raise awareness of the 1 in 12 people who have a rare condition. Here in Canada, advocacy groups will be asking the community to understand that while each rare disease represents a small population, as a whole the 7000+ rare diseases account for about 8% of the population.

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Innovative Medicines Canada vs Ottawa

On Feb 9, 2018, Pamela C. Fralick, President of Innovative Medicines Canada gave a presentation at Economic Club of Canada in Toronto. The premise of her talk is that the new drug review process being proposed by PMPRB will hurt patients and R & D investment.

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Zeal Access Editorial: Why is Canada 13th?

This week, Health Canada and the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB) hosted a webinar outlining their proposed changes to the Patented Medicines Regulations. Under the new proposals, the pricing of drugs will be compared to their prices in 12 other countries so that Canadians will pay a price for the drug that is comparable to other countries.

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