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One or Two Spaces Between Sentences?

When everybody typed on a typewriter, it was necessary to have two spaces between sentences to properly separate them. Today, modern word processing programs make it visually appealing to have just one space between sentences.

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Writing References

When writing an article or blog on the web about a new research or a change in policy, it is important that you cite the original source of material.

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Natural History Study vs Patient Registry

At every conference, it is not uncommon for patient advocacy groups to hear the phrases “you need to do a natural history study” and/or “you need to start a registry”. Unfortunately, it is not always clear what those entities are nor how to develop them.

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The Drug Review Process in Canada

Anyone who has participated in the Canadian healthcare system understands that it is complicated. And like many endeavours, the more government agencies involved, the more complicated (and convoluted) it seems to get. The same is true for the approval and disbursement of new medicines.

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