AllerGen 2019 Research Conference
Jan 27 – Jan 30 all day

Conference will highlight the discoveries, accomplishments and impacts of AllerGen researchers, Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP), partners and collaborators over the past 14 years, and feature the latest AllerGen research breakthroughs, innovations and advancements that will continue to contribute to global progress in allergic disease interception, diagnosis, treatment, and management.

Canadian Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society Biennial Whistler Symposium
Jan 31 – Feb 2 all day

The 2019 Canadian Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society Biennial Whistler Symposium is aimed at improving the quality of care for all practitioners focused on treating foot and ankle conditions.

For more information, visit ubccpd.ca/cofas2019.

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2019 PERC Annual Scientific Meeting
Feb 3 – Feb 7 all day

The Pediatric Emergency Research Canada (PERC) Annual Scientific Meeting provides researchers (junior and senior) and pediatric emergency fellows with the opportunity to share ongoing research findings and protocols under development with senior members.

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Canadian Critical Care Conference 2019
Feb 4 – Feb 6 all day

Our mission is to deliver educational programs which address the needs of critical care physicians and other health care professionals from around the world. The conference promotes excellence and addresses the challenge of providing appropriate care in the most effective and efficient manner to the critically ill patient.

CANM 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting @ Hôtel Le Concorde Québec
Feb 7 – Feb 9 all day

Overall objectives of the conference:

1. Maintain competence on a wide variety of up-to-date topics in Nuclear Medicine

2. Discuss hot new topics

3. Establish a network of Nuclear Medicine specialists

4. Promote Nuclear Medicine as a specialty

Canadian Lung Cancer Conference
Feb 7 – Feb 8 all day

The 2019 Canadian Lung Cancer Conference in Vancouver will have a multi-disciplinary focus to meet the needs of a wide variety of professionals. Topics appealing to Medical Oncology, Respiratory Medicine, Radiation Oncology and Thoracic Surgery as well as Oncology Nursing will be presented.

Parenting 101
Feb 8 – Feb 9 all day

A conference for anyone raising kids.

Alberta British Columbia Islet Workshop 2019
Feb 13 – Feb 15 all day

This Diabetes-focused summit at Silver Start Mountain Resort in Vernon, BC will be hosted by the Alberta Diabetes Network, Canuck for Kids Fund, and BC Diabetes Research Network.

For more information, visit diabetesbc.ca.

2019 CPEG Annual Scientific Meeting
Feb 21 – Feb 23 all day

The Canadian Pediatric Endocrine Group (CPEG) is hosting its annual scientific meeting in Ottawa. The overall learning objective of this meeting is to present the current state of knowledge of topics in pediatric endocrinology and diabetes.

2019 TB Conference
Feb 21 – Feb 23 all day

Highlights will include keynote addresses from Dr. Patricia Daly on opioid use and TB and from Dr. Eric Goosby on the next steps following the UN High-Level Meeting on TB.