The team at Zeal Access has over 15 years’ experience in medical communications and web design geared towards providing patient organizations with the tools necessary to educate their audience more efficiently and effectively. We can provide assistance in a number of ways, from web design and social media strategies that attract new users to producing high quality video interviews with patients and researchers at the next conference. Our main goal is to make sure your organization’s web presence is keeping up with the constantly evolving healthcare and regulatory systems. To that end, we often ask new partners a very simple question — are you ready?

Are you ready to double your audience?
Are you ready to have your next video goes viral?
Are you ready to attract new researchers?
Are you ready to present patient stories to policy makers?
Are you ready to host a patient conference?
Are you ready to present data at a conference?
Are you ready to take your organization to the next level?

We can help get you ready.

Knowing that the budgets for advocacy groups are limited, Zeal Access has a list of services that are affordable and consistent with the patient group’s goals of providing information and amenities that will benefit the community. Some of our services: