The Huntington Society of Canada’s Youth Mentorship Program provides support for young people facing the many everyday challenges of being part of a family affected by Huntington disease.

Since Huntington disease is a rare condition, most people unfamiliar with the condition will be unable to provide practical advice that can be helpful, especially when it relates to relationships with close friends and family.

In this video clip with Jody Mitchell, the daughter and granddaughter of persons with Huntington disease, she talks about the benefit the program has brought her as both a mentee and a mentor.

Mitchell notes that living in a rural community in Northern British Columbia means she had nobody to talk that can really provide guidance for living with a family member who has Huntington disease.

The program allows young people to talk about issues that in other situations may be considered taboo subjects. Mitchell said, “You can’t just walk up to your best friend and say – ‘how do you feel about abortion when the unborn fetus has the gene’ – that is not something you can bring up with just anybody.” In the mentor program, such topics can be raised and discussed openly.

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