Caregivers thrive on chaos. Which is great in the short term. However, when caring for a person with a chronic condition, that behaviour is detrimental to the caregiver’s health.

At the Huntington Society of Canada’s National Conference in Kelowna, we talked with caregiving expert Peter Rosenberger.

Rosenberger stated that caregivers need to have a plan when things get chaotic. Furthermore, that plan needs to include some time to rest. Rosenberger said “if you do not take time for stillness, you are going to have to take time for illness.”

Furthermore, that heightened energy that many caregivers feel when their loved one can be addictive. And when that extra care is less necessary, the caregiver may create chaos where none exists.

Rosenberger also explains in the video clip below why it is important for the caregiver to stay healthy.

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