In this short webinar, we provide 3 more tips for designing (or redesigning) a website that is appropriate for advocacy groups. This is the second in a series of webinars focused on web design and web content.

Tip #1

Make a good first impression. Your website should  be easy to navigate, mobile friendly, and look professional. For example, most websites have a plethora of information but it is best to group those pieces of information into different topics on your menu.  A nice clean top menu with just 5 or 6 items looks great and with the advent of drop down menus, you can still fit a lot of navigation into that menu.

Tip #2

Make a good second impression. Your website should be up to date and informative with a focus on providing information for your intended audience. That sounds simple but it is hard to do. It means your site should have new articles posted on a regular basis. Furthermore, the information on it should be helpful and informative. Simply writing out a generic description of a trial or a disease is no longer sufficient.

Tip #3

Build trust. Your site should be secure and have sufficient information about your board of directors and staff so that your audience will feel secure in providing you with personal and financial information.

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