ADR: Adverse Drug Reaction
AE: Adverse Event
AUC: Area Under the Curve

CI: Confidence Interval
Cmax: Maximum Plasma Concentration
Cmin: Minimum Plasma Concentration
CONSORT: Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials
CR: Complete Response
CRO: Contract Research Organization

DoR: Duration of Response

EFS: Event Free Survival
EHR: Electronic Health Record
EMR: Electronic Medical Record
ePRO: Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes

GCP: Good Clinical Practice
GFR:  Glomerular Filtration Rate
GLP: Good Laboratory Practice
GMP: Good Manufacturing Practices

HR: Hazard’s Ratio

ICF: Informed Consent Form
ICH: International Council for Harmonization

ITT: Intent to Treat

K-M: Kaplan Meier (statistics)

OS: Overall Survival
OR: Objective Response
ORR: Objective Response Rate

P: P-value (statistics)
PD: Pharmacodynamics
PFS: Progressive-free Survival
PK: Pharmacokinetics
PI: Principal Investigator
Prn: As Needed
PR: Partial Response

QC: Quality Control
QoL: Quality of Life

RCT: Randomized Clinical Trial

SAE: Serious Adverse Event
SD: Standard Deviation
SEM: Standard Error of the Mean

TTF: Time to Treatment Failure
TTP: Time To Progression

VAS: Visual Analog Scale