The sorrowful cloud that has ascended across Canada this past week following the terrible accident that took the lives of 15 hockey players has at least 1 silver lining.

Among the Humboldt Broncos players killed was 21-year old defenceman, Logan Boulet. Soon after his 21st birthday, Boulet registered as an organ donor and he was kept on life support for an extra day so that 6 of his organs could be donated to those in need.

In a statement on Facebook, Boulet’s Godfather, Neil Langevin wrote:

Over the weekend, registration for organ donations skyrocketed following the news of Boulet’s actions.

According to several news sources, Alberta and Ontario saw a doubling of registrations while British Columbia saw a 6-fold increase.

To become an organ donor, a person must register in their specific province. A very small fraction of deaths are deemed appropriate for someone to become an organ donor.

According to the Canadian Transplant Society, simply having a donation card in your wallet may not be sufficient. You need to register with the appropriate agency in your province. It is also advised that you inform your family and friends of your wishes so that there is no confusion about your end-of-life care.

Unfortunately, while most Canadians support organ donations, only a portion of Canadians register. Ronnie Gavsie, president and CEO of Ontario’s Trillium Gift of Life Network told CTV news that over 90% of Canadians support organ donation, but only 20% are registered.

Favsie said, “The only thing that gets in the way is procrastination.” Logan Boulet did not procrastinate. Soon after his 21st birthday, he registered. He took action.

To learn more about the registration process in your province, click on the appropriate link below.


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