A non-profit advocacy group wants to connect with its audience on a personal level. That is its purpose – to bring people together. As such, its website should have an inviting way to attract new people. One way to do that is to include staff’s contact information – including their e-mail addresses.

Unfortunately, including an e-mail address will also attract spammers. Spam bots are scouring the world wide web on a regular basis looking for e-mail addresses that get sold to groups wanting your contact information for their own nefarious reasons.

There are a couple of way to get around this problem. One is to include use contact forms for people wanting information.  This is a useful way to keep the spammers away but you should be aware that you may be losing some people who are uncomfortable writing their personal queries when they do not know exactly who will be receiving that information. (the same can also be said for using the e-mail address info@myadvocacygroup.ca). In other words, you may be losing new audience members before they are your audience.

Another option is to encrypt your e-mail address. Fortunately, it is not as hard as it sounds. With WordPress, there are plug-ins available to encrypt your e-mail address so that spam bots will not pick it up.

We use Email Address Encoder and once that plug-in is installed, it will automatically search your post for a @-sign and if found, the program will change the e-mail’s format so that it is unreadable by spam bots.  The plug-in does all the work so that when you type in your e-mail address, the encoder will do the rest.

If you have any more questions about how to keep spammers out of your inbox, be sure to contact us at Jim@ZealAccess.com or Brad@ZealAccess.com