There are thousands of patient charities across Canada. They are all trying to help patients and they get a lot of their funding by asking people for donations.

But there is only so much money in the donation pool. So how can you differentiate your charity from the others?

The team at MitoCanada did it by tapping into their own talent. The founder of MitoCanada, Blaine Penny is an avid runner and the father of a child with a mitochondrial disease. It is somewhat serendipitous that the founder’s hobby requires a lot of energy while trying to raise awareness for conditions that rob children of energy by disrupting their mitochondria.

Or is it? If you look around at some of the smaller charities, the successful ones have often tapped into their own talent to create opportunities to help donors understand the charity’s passion for its cause.

At MitoCanada they have held several fundraisers that ended up being Guinness World Records.

In May 2017, TeamMito set a record for the most people linked together who completed a 42.2 km Marathon.

The previous year, the TeamMito runners ran on their treadmills for 24 hrs to raise funds an awareness for mitochondrial diseases. A total of 7 records were broken on that day.  Among the runners was ultramarathon runner Dave Proctor who broke 2 records for the distances run on a treadmill over 12 and 24 hours (with distances of 139.2 km and 260.4 km, respectively) while others in TeamMito broke 5 other records:

  1. Arielle Fitzgerald: Fastest 50 km – 3:51.25 hrs
  2. Arielle Fitzgerald: Fastest 100 km – 8:30.34 hrs
  3. Bernadette Benson: 12 hours – 128.62 km
  4. Women’s team of 12: 344.45 km
  5. Men’s team of 12: 24 hours – 394.76 km

While these may be extreme examples that have raised an incredible of money and publicity, they are founded on the talent available to them and their commitment to use their talent to advance the cause.

So, look around your own team and decide what is their passion, talent, focus, and use that to differentiate your group from the rest of the charities. Once you do that, records can be broken.