According to the Giving Report by CanadaHelps, the size of the charity tends to dictate where they get their funds. On 2015, Canadian charities received $251 billion in revenue. But all charities are not equal – the majority of charities (51%) received less than $100 thousand in revenue while only 4% received over $5 million.

Surprisingly, most of the $257 billion came from the government. In 2015, government funding to charities totaled $168.7 billion. But most of that money went to only a small portion of the charities.  According to The Giving Report, charities receiving more than $5 million in revenue accounted for 96% of the government funds.

What smaller charities highly rely on are charitable donations and gifts. For the few charities bringing in over $5 million a year, gifts accounted for only 4% of their revenue. Meanwhile, charities bringing in revenue less less than $100 thousand, or bringing in between $100 and $500 thousand, donations accounted for 53% and 43% of their revenue, respectively.

So, what can these smaller charities do to increase revenue? The 2 best options are to either hire staff who know how to write grants (that is what the $5 million charities have done) or make sure your organization is well equipped to encourage people to willingly and knowingly donate to your charity.

Muttart’s 2013 Trust about Charities report stated that 80% – 86% of Canadians trust charities involved in health and research. That is by far the highest level of trust that Canadians have bestowed on charitable organizations. And with that trust, comes donations. If a person can look at your organization and know how the money was used in the past, know what the charity is trying to accomplish, and know what their donation will be used for in the future, that donor will more likely donate money (or at least more money).

So ask yourself –Is your donation page designed to help donors trust you?

Does the donation page

  • show videos of patients in need of assistance?
  • have interviews with researchers grateful for the funds they have received?
  • provide stories of patients who have benefited from the charity’s assistance?
  • Share insights into where the money will go in the future?

If you want Zeal Access to provide you with some suggestions on how to improve your donation page, contact us at or 778-215-4160.  We will offer free advice to all charities.