Many people go to web hosting services like GoDaddy or HostPapa and very quickly get lost in the language. Two items that many get confused about are domain registration vs website hosting. The two are completely different but to a person new to this type of business, the concepts of domain registration and web hosting can be perplexing. Both can be obtained from the same service but they are very different purchases.

The domain is your name on the internet. The host provides the services needed to let someone look at your website.

When creating a website, the first thing you want to do is register your domain. That means, if you think of a cool name for your website like, you have to register or buy that domain before you can begin using it. In fact, you are only renting it. If you don’t make sure you pay the annual renewal fee you will lose it. The price will vary but an extremely rare name like zeal4ever you can usually get for a few dollars. Others may already be taken. Most web hosting services or domain registrars will have a means to search names to see if they are available. If a domain is already taken, it may still be possible to purchase it, but it can be very expensive.

Once you have registered your domain, then you can purchase a website hosting plan. There are hundreds of web hosting companies with multiples plans to best suit your needs. One problem many people encounter when creating a new website is knowing what type of hosting plan to buy. Most web hosting companies employ highly technical people but they generally do not understand the website infrastructure needed for an advocacy group and what type of plan is best suitable for raising awareness, funds, and information about a medical condition. In addition, a person new to the web and new to advocacy may not know how best to communicate to the technical staff on what their needs are or will be in the near future.

That is where Zeal Access can help. We are familiar with the major hosting companies as well as the needs of patient advocacy groups. Contact us at for a free consult on how best to register and host your website.