On January 4, 2018, Holly Butcher passed away. She was 26-years-old and she died as a result of Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer.

On January 3, 2018, Holly wrote some advice for the living on Facebook. That post has been shared by over 139,000 people at the time of this writing. The advice she gave involved things that most of us have been told by our elders on several occasions. Don’t sweat the small stuff, take time for yourself, say I love you more often, etc. You know, all those things that we all have a tendency to ignore while carrying on with our hectic lives.

So why did this post go viral?  Probably because her post contained elderly wisdom that was combined with the vernacular of 26-year-old girl.  It makes for a great read and it is a nice reminder to the rest of us to do good things and be grateful for what we have. We all need those reminders once in a while.

Her complete post is listed at the bottom of this article but some of the items she advised upon include:

  • Those times you are whining about ridiculous things (something I have noticed so much these past few months), just think about someone who is really facing a problem. Be grateful for your minor issue and get over it. It’s okay to acknowledge that something is annoying but try not to carry on about it and negatively affect other people’s days.
  • You might have got caught in bad traffic today, or had a bad sleep because your beautiful babies kept you awake, or your hairdresser cut your hair too short. Your new fake nails might have got a chip, your boobs are too small, or you have cellulite on your arse and your belly is wobbling. Let all that shit go. I swear you will not be thinking of those things when it is your turn to go. It is all SO insignificant when you look at life as a whole. I’m watching my body waste away right before my eyes with nothing I can do about it and all I wish for now is that I could have just one more Birthday or Christmas with my family, or just one more day with my partner and dog. Just one more.
  • Be grateful for each day you don’t have pain and even the days where you are unwell with man flu, a sore back or a sprained ankle, accept it is shit but be thankful it isn’t life threatening and will go away.
  • Buy your friend something kind instead of another dress, beauty product or jewelry for that next wedding. 1. No-one cares if you wear the same thing twice 2. It feels good.
  • Use your money on experiences. Or at least don’t miss out on experiences because you spent all your money on material shit.
  • Put in the effort to do that day trip to the beach you keep putting off.
  • Listen to music. Really listen.
  • Talk to your friends. Put down your phone. Are they doing okay?
  • Say no to things you really don’t want to do.

images obtain from Holly Butcher’s Facebook memorial page.